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2023 Indoor World Series- Taipei Archery Open Review


Corporate Sponsors play a very important role in the Taipei Archery Open exhibition events , publicity, and competition. The Sponsor is recognized in many highly visible ways including major media attention and the opportunity to entertain important customers, key members of government representative, media and global business leaders. The Office of Corporate Relations works closely with sponsors to tailor a benefits package that advances sponsors' business objectives and enhances their profile in Taoyuan.
Prof. Dr. Ping Kun, Chiu
Director of the Organizing Commitee, TAO

Sponsorship Package

Benefits Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Friends
Requirements Sponsoring Unit 1 1 2 5 10
Sponsoring Value USD 66,000 CASH USD 33,000 CASH USD 20,000 CASH/VIK USD 5,000 CASH/VIK USD 300 CASH
Major Benefits Final VIP Pass 30 15 10 5 3
Award Presenter IWS 250 Recurve IWS 250 Compound - - -
Exhibition Booth W6m*H3m (One) W6m*H3m (One) W6m*H3m
W3m*H3m (One) -
Title Sponsor O - - - -
Broadcasting Media Exposure Large central logo display O - - - -
Target Stand logo display O O - - -
Venue surrounding logo display O O O - -
Interview area backdrop O O O O -
Judges uniform logo display O O - - -
Recognition Reception area backdrop logo display O O O O -
Entrance banner logo display O O O O -
Official Website logo display O O O O -

For upcoming Taipei Archery Open sponsorship opportunities and benefits, please fill up your info and we will get in touch with you soon.

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